Commercial Ozone Sensor Faucet-Tall Spout

Drawing inspiration from women's sleek curves. It is a really attractive and modern faucet that combines a smooth design with the purity of Kona water. Mature, minimal, and following an ultra-luxurious theme is what the concept of the design.

Adorn your kitchen with stylishly finished faucets.


Description: Commercial Ozone Sensor Faucet-Tall Spout

Model: SEW-O3-03-SN / SEW-O3-04-SN

Material: Brass

Finish: Brushed Nickel

Size of Faucet:215mm(L)x403mm(H)、ø40±2mm(I.D.)

Size of Ozone Sanitizer:186mm(L)x125mm(W)x42mm(H)


SEW-O3-03-SN For washing (Ozone cold water)

SEW-O3-04-SN For washing (Ozone cold/ warm/ hot water)


Water flows continuously when remove hands from detection

area, water cuts off when placing hands again.


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