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About kona

Kona invents the first ozone faucet with internal design that delivers ozonized water in the world.

Thomas Campbell of Saint John, New Brunswick invented the mixer taps and patented them in 1880. Since then many different styles and finishes have emerged with possibly the pull out spray being the most notable design addition to the function of the kitchen faucets. Today we accept the presence and use of the kitchen faucet in our lives almost as nonchalantly as we do breathing air each day almost negligently. There are countless choices of finishes and styles to fit our needs and in some instances now the faucet can also deliver 98C water and filtered water through the kitchen faucet to make our lives less cluttered and more convenient.

However why do we have the faucet and what is its prime role in the kitchen and our lives?  Somewhere in the midst of creating Mahogany Bronze and Satin Nickel finishes for the latest sexy profile and ergonomically levers we lost sight of the function of the faucet, in developing the next generations of faucets.

The ozone faucet provides us all with a better and healthier lifestyle. This is not only a beautiful faucet but it is a faucet with performance and benefits unmatched anywhere else in the market that sets the benchmark for future faucets expectations to be delivered to.

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